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Open Package Team for Supromote

Post by Ben on 2010-11-06, 06:01

Forum Name: Supromote
Positions Available: Package Team Member

Link to forum: or

We are looking for 1 Package Team member to join the team. The work load is a bit to much for the current Team Leader, so we need 1 more person to join. If interested, please PM me the following:

[b]Name: [/b]
[b]Supromote Username: [/b]
[b]Could you dedicate to being an active member on Supromote?: [/b]
[b]Could you dedicate to 1-2 packages a day?: [/b]
[b]Rate your spelling and grammar: [/b] 0/10
[b]Have you registered on Supromote and made 10 posts in the last 24 hours?: [/b]

Before you send in the application, you must first register and make 10 posts on Supromote to be considered. Thanks!
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Administrator Team

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