Selling high quality packages

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Selling high quality packages

Post by dballerp on 2010-10-23, 06:03

I am offering a package in which you must pay for. My rate is 3 cents per post and 6 cents per topic. All transactions must be to a paypal account.

So here's an example of how it would look like:

20 posts = 60 cents

50 posts = $1.50

20 topics = $1.20

50 topics = $3.00

So you choose the amount of topics and posts you would like for your package. Maximum is 50 posts and 50 topics.

You must also fill in these guidelines:

Forum name:
Forum URL:
Amount of Posts:
Amount of Topics:
Intro thread?:
Any special requests?:

You must have in total:

200 posts and 5 members: 0-15 posts/topics
500 posts and 10 members: 16-30 posts/topics
1000 posts + and 20 members +: 31-50 posts/topics

My experience: have been a packager at for a total of 5 months. My name is dballerp, you will see I'm a packager there. But that's not enough is it? Nope. They also have a rate your package thread and I will show you all of my package requesters review: Actual thread

My packages:

Also, if you look here you will find my other packages I have done. Most people were too lazy to rate them anyways.

What your package includes, unless stated in your special requests:

- Intro topic (no intro replies after the topic has been created)
- Good quality posts, minimum 3 sentences long for each, usually more
- No posts in forum games
- A pm to you stating I have registered and will start the package
- Posts will be spread out, will take a maximum of 1 week to complete your package, depending on how many posts and topics you ordered
- Will not post in any section you wish and if I do, it means I was really interested in this thread or I forgot. In that case, it will be a "freebie" post and will not count to your total posts
- Will link you to every post I made and will edit a few posts if you wish
- Will post in any section, excluding intro and forum games, unless you state that in special requests

Everyone MUST pm for the transaction of the money before package begins. Once I verify that the money has been sent, your package will begin.

I will only do one package at a time so I can focus and make good quality posts. If you see in my thread and it states in the bottom "Working on a package", then I cannot serve you until it's your turn. Of course, it's first come, first serve.

So request for a great package at a cheap price
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