Xbotica.com New Halloween Theme and New Contest with a prize !!

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Xbotica.com New Halloween Theme and New Contest with a prize !!

Post by Watcher on 2010-10-27, 01:11

[big]The Contest:[/big]

This is a link contest. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to go out in the vast internet land and collect Xbotica links!

It's that simple Smile

For example, I go out and visit http://www.tierrahosting.com. At the bottom of that site is a link, Artwork by Xbotica. As such, I take a screen shot of the visible link, copy where the link is going to and then I come back here and post the information.

As in:

Hey, I found a link at TIERRAhosting.com on the bottom of the page. Here's a screen capture:

The link goes to http://www.xbotica.com

-- see, wasn't that easy?!

[big]The Prize:[/big]

[big]The Rules:[/big]
  • Any links posted (or anyway displayed) on the domain, xbotica.com, are ineligible to be posted/counted. This means it can't be on our own site, the links must be remote (on other domains).
  • Links may be repeated between contestants, but the same participant can not post the same link more than once. Example, you and I both go to TIERRAhosting.com and we both post the same link found in the footer (bottom) of the page. Just like the link I provided at the beginning of this post. I can not post that same link again, rather, I'd have to click one of the other links and find that link on a different page on TIERRAhosting.com. Yes, in theory it is the same link, but it is displayed on a different page, so it counts.
  • You may not actually copy someone's entry and claim it as your own. If you, and I, post the same link from the same site, I can't copy/paste your posted information. I can't use your screen capture and such. I have to actually use my own.
  • Realize, only one link per remote page is allowed to be entered per contestant. That means if you decide to put 30 links on your forums index page, only one of the links will be counted for you. Not 30 links. One per page.
  • You may post links on sites and then come here and post them as entries. The only thing is that they have to be displayed when we visit the site to verify them. So don't just post a hundred links on different pages of your website for one day to try to win this prize Very Happy
  • At the announcement of this contest ending, the staff of Xbotica.com will verify each link as being valid. Ultimately, a winner will be chosen that has provided the most valid entries. All decisions are final.
  • Prize has no cash value.
  • Prize will be purchased in the winners name, as such, contact information will have to be provided to [me] to ensure you receive your prize.
  • These rules are subject to change at the discretion of the Xbotica.com staff. By entering, you agree to abide all rules of the contest - present and future (should they be amended).

That's it. Simple to do, easy to win. Good luck and get to posting those links! Smile


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