Can someone give me a. com or. com domain sponsor

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Can someone give me a. com or. com domain sponsor

Post by schiggyswelt on 2010-10-10, 06:23

Hello first;)

My name is Marvin, am 14 years old, and I am from Lower Saxony, I do not know yet what I offer in return / can offer, since I'm here for the first time .. But I could definitely for you Advertise;) My project is a forum and means Schiggysboard, it still is to a website, with about 70 visitors per day .., here it is about a Pokemon forum, with about 170 visitors and 7000 entries;) We are already over a year, but we are available only since February of this year! I want to be sponsored, as I maximize my project, and improve and to make it larger, I would be very happy about your € 15, less would go, or a dns domain happy! Write me are interested here in the forum or an e-mail! Best regards Marvin!


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