New updates for rozzex (NEW DOMAIN)

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New updates for rozzex (NEW DOMAIN)

Post by dballerp on 2010-09-22, 09:24

These are the rozzex updates for 8/22/10

New domain
-Yes, that is right, we have a new domain available, and it was provided by our mod: the-crazy-ads.

He was so generous to give this to us FOR FREE and it lasts for one FULL year! Everyone please thank crazy-ads for this very generous gift.

As a thank you, he will be receiving 100 free rozzex coins.

Here is the domain:


Free service week is over
- sadly, our free service week is over and all the services will be cleared.

But don't fret too much, we have knocked out 5 rozzex coins out of every service! Pluse, our contest is still going on so you can check that out. So far, 2 people have answered, but you may have the correct answer, so attempt to answer the question and win the grand prize!

Staff games are online!
That's right, after planning on what kind of staff games I should come up with, they are finally online. Right now, our staff is taking part of this competition that awards them with great prizes that you will all surely enjoy. If you want to take part of this, apply for a staff position now! We are in need of a reviewer and a packager.

New VIP package available
We have now opened a VIP package which any of you are allowed to purchase for a small amount of $5. What this package will give you goes as shown:

- Vip usergroup
- Able to access our VIP section, which will include me giving you free stuff from time to time (SEO packages, free posts, possibly even HTML pages. All free)
- Able to change your Usertitle any time, 24/7
- 2 times you are allowed to get a name change
- 10 free services (all packages are included)
- Allowed to moderate one forum of your choice (this is permanent until you abuse your power)
- 100 free rozzex coins

Isn't that great for just $5? So if you're interested, pm me for payment options

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Re: New updates for rozzex (NEW DOMAIN)

Post by zoids25 on 2010-09-22, 18:16

Congrats, best of luck with it Wink
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